What does Ofsted say?

The school was inspected in June 2012. Lincroft is judged by Her Majesty’s Inspectors to be an ‘outstanding’ school. The School has
received a fantastic outcome – overall effectiveness of the school is rated as outstanding.


The main headlines

  • This is an outstanding school. Highly challenging teaching means students of all abilities are stretched academically, and they respond very enthusiastically. Excellent communication skills and personal qualities gained by the end of Year 8 prepare students very well for transfer to the upper school
  • Students’ progress accelerates as they move through the academy and they make exceptional progress in Years 7 and 8
  • Teachers use creative approaches to inspire students and consequently their motivation is high. Teachers are highly adept at assessing learning
  • The academy creates a calm and purposeful learning environment and students feel very safe. They are very courteous, both around the academy and in lessons, and their attitudes to learning are excellent. Bullying is rare
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels focuses strongly on improvement, and staff share a clear cross-federation vision. The management of teachers’ performance is rigorous. Parents value the academy highly

Achievement of pupils

  • By the time students leave the end of Year 8, their attainment is above that usually achieved in Year 9. Mathematics has been a consistent strength for a number of years. A clear track is kept of students’ progress in each subject, with teachers and tutors using this information to check whether students are on course to achieve their targets and provide support where it is needed
  • Data shows that students make good progress in Years 5 and 6, and outstanding progress in Years 7 and 8. Students in the ASC unit make outstanding progress in all years
  • Students’ great enthusiasm for learning and the way they participate so effectively in a range of challenging activities mean that the pace of learning is good

Quality of teaching

  • Outstanding teaching challenges students to think deeply and communicate ideas orally and in writing. Teachers have very high expectations of what students can achieve, for example encouraging them to reach the highest levels in the national curriculum a year earlier than expected. Teachers’ expert subject knowledge and excellent grasp of a wide range of effective teaching methods mean that activities match students’ needs well
  • The performing arts specialism has benefited the Academy through widening the range of approaches to learning? Students frequently evaluate their work using the relevant assessment criteria with the ends of lessons including a succinct review of what had been achieved, making use of the clear learning objectives

Behaviour and safety of pupils

  • Staff, students and their parents and carers have very high expectations of behaviour and, both around the Academy and in class, students behave very well and have exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. They are courteous to adults and each other, collaborate enthusiastically and many contribute very successfully to school activities and take up the many valued leadership roles that exist within the academy
  • Students feel very safe and the site is secure. They have a very good understanding of the different types of bullying, which is rare, and know who to turn to, both adults and student counsellors, if they have a concern

Leadership and management

  • The Executive Head teacher, other senior leaders and the governing body have a very clear vision for the future of the federation and for Lincroft within it. Students get off to a flying start at the upper school as a result of common approaches across the federation
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and its perceptive interpretation by teachers means that all students have equal opportunities to achieve their potential. Staff tackle discrimination with exceptional rigour, particularly through the crossfederation racial harmony group. Students’ spiritual, moral social and cultural development is very well represented in assemblies and lessons

National Curriculum

Tests & Results

Children in Year 6 at Lincroft take SATs tests in English and Mathematics in early May. The tests are marked externally and pupils also receive a teacher assessment for these subjects. We also use optional SATs papers in Years 5, 7 and 8. In this way we can track the progress of individual pupils effectively.

We also teach an accelerated Key Stage 3 programme of studies to enable pupils to achieve national expectations a year early in Year 8 (instead of Year 9 at the upper school).

92% and 82% of pupils achieve the national expectation of level 5 or above in English and Mathematics respectively in Year 8, with 51% and 65% of those pupils achieving level 6 or above in those subjects. The progress and achievement journey made at school, from Years 5 to 8 is outstanding. In our Key Stage 2 (Year 6) results in May 2014, 84% of the boys and girls achieved Level 4 or above in English Reading and Writing and 84% in Mathematics (38% level 5). The progress and achievement journey made at school from Years 5 to 8 is judged by Ofsted to be outstanding.